Hello! I want to show you about my another work:

Vibe UI 1.0 for Acer Liquid E2 V370 Dual SIM

this ROM was ported from Lenovo S920 4.2.2

I’m sorry if there are some unusual visual, because the screen resolution is different 😀

Okay, let’s go to the point 😀

– deodexed
– zipaligned
– busybox
– init.d (need to activate via app)
– removed some chinese apps (only lenovo store, tutorial, and game center left. maybe other 😀 )
– using baseband MOLY_WR8_W1248_MD_WG_MP_V28
– zram support because using custom kernel prettt by Doha
– Chinese and English only :mrgreen:
– Latest Viper4android (
– many more 😀

everything works well except the microphone is litle bit noisy and annoying flicker bootscreen 😀

bugs: tell me 🙂



more screenshots here

– base rom: vibe ui devs
– porter: me :mrgreen:
– Doha for providing awesome kernel and information 😀
– Patch modem: Seavovk
– init.d toggler developer
– tester : Enzo 😀
– feedback: __________

– download and place VibeUI_V370.zip, root vibe ui.zip and init.d toggler.apk into SDCARD
– enter CWM/TWRP
– wipe data/cache/dalvik or factory reset
– flash VibeUI_V370.zip
– flash root vibe ui.zip
– reboot to system
– after entering home screen, please install “init.d toggle” to activate “init.d” for script/tweak and activate zram. after activate init.d, reboot your phone.
how to  enabling init.d: install init.d toggler, open it and tap “enable init.d”, and reboot your phone.
– the last, explore yourself 😀

– to remove annoying toast notification of root app, open SuperSU. move to setting, un-check “show notifications”.

– if you want to set storage default to your SDCARD, open settings, move to system tab, open storage. then check the “external storage”, device will restart
– some chinese folder you can rename it to  whatever you want 😀
and for rocket icon (like in second screenshot) you may remove it and add widget called “clean-up”. it is an app that can free your RAM 🙂


due to the high CPU load even in idle, use root explorer then go to
delete “aal” file and reboot your V370


– to make Lenovo Weather works, open build.prop with text editor in root explorer and add this underlinedtext:


then open settings>system>apps>all. go to lenovo weather and clear data.
add city from widget 🙂


VibeUI for Acer Liquid E2 V370 Dual SIM

Root Vibe UI Acer V370

Init.d Toggler

I’m sorry if the instruction is too complicated 😦
but I hope you’ll be satisfied by its beauty

if you want to share my work, please link to this post 🙂

thanks 🙂