Anti-lock braking system is a braking system that used in most latest vehicle in order to avoid locking wheels when hard braking or sudden braking.

There are 4 main components:
-Speed sensor used for knowing the locked wheels
-Valves for release the piston’s pressure
-Pump for increase the piston’s pressure
-Controller to receive information from speed sensor and activating the ABS

ABS works while sudden or hard braking which causing one or more wheels being locked.
When the sensor detected a wheel is being locked, it’s automatically send information to the controller. Then the controller make the valves and the pump reducing and increasing the brake piston’s pressure.
That can make the wheel still spinning and gripping to the road surface meanwhile the ABS was attempting to stop the car.
So the driver still can control the car even he or she doing hard braking or sudden braking.

by papazz23
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